Discover what it’s like to interact and swim with these fascinating, incredibly intelligent mammals when you take part in a fun and exciting dolphin experience at UNEXSO on Grand Bahama Island.

The Dolphin Experience Lagoon

A man swimming with a dolphin in the seaSwim and interact with trained dolphins in the protected waters and natural environment of The Dolphin Experience Lagoon. Four times each day, a ferry departs UNEXSO, located in Port Lucaya, for a 20 minute ride along the south shore of Grand Bahama Island to go to Sanctuary Bay, where the dolphin lagoon is located.

The lagoon where you’ll enjoy the encounter of a lifetime with our friendly, trained Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. You can observe and photograph the dolphins, participate in a swim with them, sign up for an assistant trainer program or experience scuba diving with the dolphins in open water.

Are you a certified diver?

Two dolphins in the ocean, with one looking at the cameraFor certified divers, the Open Ocean experience could very well be your most favorite diving experiences to date! Your support boat will leave from Sanctuary Bay with dolphin trainers aboard, followed alongside by two leaping Bottlenose Dolphins. On site, in the clear, reef-lined water almost directly offshore, guest divers settle on the sand bottom 45 feet deep. The dolphins and their trainers make the rounds, giving each diver plenty of time to touch, feed and photograph the dolphins. Watching these graceful creatures frolicking in front of you is an unbelievable experience, but the most unforgettable reward is always a memorable dolphin kiss!

For pricing and more information please visit www.unexso.com

The ferry departs from UNEXSO in Port Lucaya, which is within walking distance of:

Pelican Bay At Lucaya

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