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BAHAMAS VACATIONER is a Bahamian Company, licensed and registered in The Bahamas to market Vacation Ownership Programs. Our offices are located in Freeport, Nassau and Paradise Island, The Bahamas.

With over twenty-five years of experience in marketing vacation ownership programs, we are ready to offer you deeply discounted accommodations by simply agreeing to allowing us to accommodate your vacation. In exchange for  90 minutes of your time, you’ll hear all about “The Benefits of Vacation Ownership”. With no obligation whatsoever to purchase anything, you will find out why millions of families choose Vacation Ownership as a preferred way to travel the World.

Make sure you come prepared. Check out our Travel Tips, Facts & Figures and Entry Requirements. Be sure to take some time to learn everything you need to know before you travel.


About Staff


Bahamas Vacationer is a branch of Apex International Marketing. The organization has been is approaching its first decade of existence in 2019. They have been extremely innovative in their industry, with many accomplishments and awards. The owner Emile B Jarrett and his wife, Paris Jarrett have been working in the Hospitality industry in the Bahamas for over 28 years. They are dedicated and passionate about what they do. Bahamas Vacationer was brought about to help conduct a memorable dream vacation when you think back on your trip. Bahamas Vacationer is committed to assisting you with your all around vacation needs and wants, shopping, dining, night life, you name it!

54 Bahama Reef Blvd Freeport, Grand Bahama Island The Bahamas
15 C Elizabeth & Bay Marketplace Bay St., Nassau The Bahamas
Paradise Island
Paradise Drive Paradise Island, New Providence The Bahamas
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